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Welcome to the Guava Jelly Guide to Ocho Rios, a new periodical mini-booklet of wonder to be launched across the Summer of 2019, lovingly prepared and well seasoned with fresh ingredients and added spice from a small but impeccable team of Jamaican friends and collaborators.


Bless up!

Among the key aims of the guide is to increase visitor awareness of some of the less affluent, less publicised, but tourist-friendly businesses in the town — supporting the local economy!

We present Ocho Rios not as some ‘rich man’s paradise’ but as a living, lively, working part of real Jamaica in which the ‘vibe’ is contagious and custom is always appreciated.

And if the search for paradise is the thing, there are plenty places of outstanding natural beauty to fulljoy in and around the town too.

Ochi up!


Jamaica has enticed seekers of rum and relaxation since the dawn of man, but the tourist boom began to really blossom around the middle of the 20th century as North American lovers of exotica began to discover this island arcadia for themselves.

Once just a humble fishing village on the north coast, Ocho Rios swiftly prospered into one of the island’s main destinations for incurable pleasurites, entrancing a good many of the ‘rich and famous’ too with its spotless sands and outright Ochiness.

Today there is an emphasis on the more spruced-up ‘touristy bits’, but there is much to do other than to browse the ‘duty free’ plazas or to lounge on the sand slurping piña coladas, wonderful though the latter may be.

For a taste of local life beyond the gates of an all-inclusive, or if you‘re off on a traipse around town till your cruise ship toots you back on board, we say get your bearings, get out there, and “Shake hands with the whole of Ochi”.


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