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The Guava Jelly Guide was dreamt up by Chris Wilson, a graphic designer from the UK, with a new found love of adventure as the sun came up on his very first Ochi morn.

In what proved to be quite a turnaround from a planned few weeks’ holiday, an instant affinity with the place necessitated an extension of stay, an eventful year of immersion into the Jamaican experience living within many points of the social spectrum.

After time spent acclimatising to the folk and goings-on of a way of life more steamy than a peanut cart whistle, Wilson wondered: could a shrewd eye for design and a burning love for this glistening island be together channeled into an enterprise worthwhile?

Enter the like-minded Chris Rookwood, a son of Jamaica with a similar vision, a JTB certification, and the project’s essential word on the street.

Though the ‘Two Chrises’ first met in Ochi in 2012, seven years later after a long spell of other places, other things, the first Guava Jelly Guide is the result of their collaboration and is about to reach fruition across the late Summer of 2019 — no mean feat on a budget of zero.