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Map of Ochi

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Key to the Map

  1. Miss T’s Kitchen

  2. Chosen Restaurant

  3. Circle Centre

  4. Mom’s

  5. San-Mar Café

  6. Mongoose

  7. Fancy Seafood

  8. Ocho Rios Jerk Centre

  9. Pizza King & Golden Loaf

  10. Fisherman’s Village
    Jangalee Seafood
    Dave’s Lobster Shack

  11. Jack Ruby’s

  12. Almond Tree

  13. Farmers’ Market

  14. Healthy Way

  15. Calabash Rastarant

  16. Reggae Pot

  17. Devon House I-Scream

  18. Creamy Treats


  1. Barbie’s Bar

  2. Brixton Reggae Lounge

  3. Qutie’s Bar

  4. Flex Bar

  5. Oasis & Gaza Bars

  6. Arsenal Sports Bar

  7. Top Line Bar

  8. Anan’s Away Home Bar

  9. Unique Jungle Bar

  10. Royalty Bar/Club + Sky Life

  11. Fi Wi Bar

  12. Mango Tree

  13. Miss Rose’s Tavern Bar

  14. Seekers

  15. Margaritaville

  16. John Crow’s Tavern

  17. Fisherman’s Village - Various

  18. 8 Rivaz Ultra Lounge

  19. Amnesia

  20. Club Santiago Go-Go

  21. Dreamz Premium Lounge + Club Q’s

  22. Ocean’s 11 Watering Hole

  23. Gen-X


  1. Island ‘Burger King’ Plaza

  2. Little Pub Plaza

  3. Ocean Village

  4. Eight Rivers

  5. Island Village

  6. Fisherman’s Village

  7. Market/Farmers’ Market

  8. Olde Craft Market

  9. Ocho Rios Craft Park


  1. Ocho Rios Baptist Church

  2. Bethel Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church

  3. Church of Christ

  4. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

  5. Ocho Rios Gospel Chapel

  6. Church On The Rock

  7. First Assembly of God

  8. Inside Out Church International

  9. Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses

  10. Masjid Al-Hakeem

  11. Ocho Rios Methodist Church

  12. Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church

  13. Ocho Rios SDA Church

  14. St John’s Anglican Church

  15. Universal Church of the Kingdom of God


Here’s how it works

The Guava Jelly Guide features a selection of tourist-friendly downtown Ocho Rios restaurants, bars, places of worship, and other glorious things with a system of colour-coding so that businesses we recommend can be easily located. And — for once — an accurate Ochi street map to feature in a tourist guide!

Our listings of selected businesses is not exhaustive and there are many we've yet to try out. So we like to eat and we’re not afraid of a beer or two. If you want your tourist-friendly business to be included in the next edition of the Guide, and indeed in our online listings, please let us know your company details specifying the name and type of business, location, and a brief description of what makes your business special. (Who said we don’t accept bribes?)


  • Though shown on our Ochi map, because of space limitations in the printed Guide we have not included accommodation — we would assume visitors to the town to have either pre-booked and/or checked in by the time they see our booklet anyway, or they are cruise ship passengers with just a few hours to spend. However we will soon be adding selected accommodation to our forthcoming online directory.

  • On publication of the Guava Jelly Guide, our map will be made freely available for the use of by all Ochiful participants, and will be supplied on request in the preferred resolution and format.

  • Though businesses can come and go, or details shift without our knowledge, we always try to be as up-to-date as possible in a world that’s constantly changing.

  • Unlike some other guidebooks, we do not publish the phone numbers of bars or restaurants, as this is Jamaica where you have more chance of kissing the Pope than of anyone answering your call. Well, it has to be said.