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We Guava Jellyistas are eternal book lovers and, in our worldview, digital-only publications fail to match the satisfaction of holding and enjoying an actual book in your hands.


  • Our Guava Jelly Guide never needs charging, nor will it run out of credit.

  • Because there is something emotionally direct about holding a booklet in your hand, and the visceral act of physically turning pages that cannot be matched by clinical pixels on a screen.

  • Once you have written your name and details on the inner This Guava Jelly Guide Belongs to...” page, you have made an instant connection with your little pocket companion.

  • The perfect A6 format and substantial ply of the pages, the smell of fresh print, and the little cooling zephyr of air as you flick through are so much more inspiriting than prodding at the digital devices of today.

  • Unlike with a tablet or phone, opportunist petty thieves on the street are unlikely to want to snatch a paper guide book from your hands — even ours.

  • We will provide the downloadable e-book version of the Guava Jelly Guide too so you may enjoy the best of both worlds.